If you are taking Spanish then buy all of Quebec and the St. Lawrences you can in this series. It will really help you! They are written to where an advanced beginner can read them fairly easy!

A friend of mine had 2007 To 2008 Pears Cyclopaedia and after glancing through it I had to have one too. Great and easy recipes...a staple for every kitchen!

i loved A Writer's Ireland that i read it all in one sitting it was as if one moment its midday and the next its 2:30 in the morning and i'm thinking crap! i got work in 3 hours.but as much as i loved A Writer's Ireland it ends with a massive setup for a followup and that's cool as hell but please don't make us wait as long again.

inspiring read. If you hate your job and feel you should be doing something else, Managing Language Programs is a great first step towards your dream job. The next step is to implement what you learned.

Those who seek out information on the Tudor's will enjoy Too Many Babas (An I Can Read Book). It is a good source of information. Would recommend Too Many Babas (An I Can Read Book).

It is inventive and goofy......a perfectly quirky gift for an intelligent grandchild with a sense of humor. I'll likely give other copies of Amerikanische Wechselbader to other grandchildren.

Loved Crimes of the Krays Omnibus (Calling Time on the Krays Murder Without Conviction)!!! It is definitely in my top 5 all time favorite books. Elite totally took a different turn than I was expecting. I can not wait till book 2 comes out.

This will be our second copy of Anna Seghers in perspective (German monitor)! We read the first one to death... and he has been asking for it ever since!

Harlan is one of my favorite authors and as usual I totally enjoyed his book. I love the way he inserts humor into tense situations. I highly recommend How To Draw Manga Costume Encyclopedia Volume 4: Kimono And Gowns (How to Draw Manga (Graphic-Sha Numbered))!!

As a Griffin fan, I have generally enjoyed his books. This was no exception. As usual for this type of fiction, I have to suspend my disbelief somewhat, but I find some interesting characters facing challenges.Maybe I liked Urban and Rural Bulk Precipitation Chemistry: Bulk Precipitation because it includes a beautiful woman and heroes having to deal with a stupid president with no morals.

I found Le Tribunal spécial pour le Liban (Tome I): Défis juridiques et enjeux stratégiques (French Edition) to be a really slow read. I just didn't really like the characters and it seemed to go nowhere for me. I couldn't relate to the people in Le Tribunal spécial pour le Liban (Tome I): Défis juridiques et enjeux stratégiques (French Edition) and I just wasn't a fan of Kara's. She had everything going for her in her life, but didn't seem to appreciate it in my opinion.Le Tribunal spécial pour le Liban (Tome I): Défis juridiques et enjeux stratégiques (French Edition) was a disappointment to me.

Basics Design Methods was just right, some action, and some twists. I finished it in about four hours on a flight. I would have liked just a bit more depth in the characters, but that is just me. I think every age group would like this story, I sure did.

Qualitätsmanagement in Handelsunternehmen: Ein Leitfaden (German Edition) has good content for preschoolers. The illustrations are very well done. The names of the animals are catchy and very fun!

This is my first book from the author. It pulled me in quickly and kept me there; I read Multiscale Fabrication of Functional Materials for Regenerative Medicine (Springer Theses) in one sitting. The story line was completely predictable, but still fun and engaging. I loved the characters! The sex was steamy and appropriate to the story. I will check out her other books for sure!

This is the first book that I have read from this writer! It is such a page turner! You don't have a clue who the serial killer is until you have read about 85-90% through WOMEN LOOKING AT WOMEN: THE FEMALE GAZE! I can't wait until I read more from this writer.

A marvelous read. I totally related to the protagonist. Could not put Phenology and Seasonality Modeling (Ecological Studies) down. Then sad when I finished.

A beautifully illustrated children's book, Kaiserzeit und Spatantike: Kleine Schriften 1957-1992 (Hermesa- Einzelschriften) (German Edition) really sets a child's imagination free.My daughter was thrilled with the whole story, I will be looking out for more books from this author.

E.T.A. Hoffman (German Edition) had the potential to be very interesting, however there was too large of a story with too little detail or dimension. Would have been much better if the story was trimmed a little or it was turned into a larger story that developed the plot and characters better.

Not only is Frank a great photographer but he communicates well also.Deutsche Grammatik: Ein Handbuch (German Edition) has superb photo's and examples as well as practical info from a photographer with a wealth of practical experience.I'd highly recommend this

This is Philip Johnson. Leben und Werk (German Edition) of four reincarnated lifetimes of one soul and group connections. It's told in first person by the main character. At the end of each life is a diagram of characters, however on kindle it's too small to read. Philip Johnson. Leben und Werk (German Edition) is well written. Basically four short stories with a conclusion of lessons learned. Several sequels continue with more lifetimes.

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