What We Do in Advent: An Anglican Kids' Activity Book was enjoyable from beginning to end. Kept me interested all the way through. You get to know the characters like they were friends.

I have been sort of composting for years, and usually find composting books too detailed and complicated. Banking and Finance, 1913-1989 (Encyclopedia of American Business History and Biography) was very simple but told m e every e turning l needed to know.

A good book with interesting characters. Didn't figure it out until the end. Held my interest and read it in a day wanting to find out what would happen next. A good light read. Didn't give it 5 stars only because I would have liked a little more background on the characters. Didn't feel a close connection to any of them like something was missing.

Best book ever how does uncle Pedro do it he doesn't look likehe does anything yet he does the Impossible

With gift giving season upon us this is a wonderful book for those who are tired of searching the mall for the perfect gift. Wheather you are a novice or a pro it has wonderful, easy to execute ideas on how to make unique gifts for everyone on your list!

I don't write a lot of reviews. In fact, this is my first. I stumbled across this on my kindle and read a few ratings and thought I'd give it a shot. This very well may be the best book I've read. Fantastic story that will have your heart pumping for more. I can't reccomend a better read.

This is a great book series for the young teen set. It has a good story that moves along, and includes a little desire that is not overblown. I found it to be very sweet, and adventuresome.I would recommend for those liking feel good, light stories. It does have some action that could be intense for younger readers, but nothing over the top.

This was surprisingly my favorite book in a long time. The characters and situations were exciting and I found it hard to put down. Only problem, it ends too soon. On my way to look for the following books. Thank you author, Amazon and Bookbub.

I found this to be a great book. When I first started to read I did not know where it was going to go. I was really pleased at how it developed and ended

A great book. Some interesting information I didn't know about. A great way for kids to learn about animals. Happy to recommend for others

This is a good book, one of many that taught me about diabetes. However, I don't believe in not having fruit. As a Type 2 diabetic, my blood sugar can drop very low - hypoglycemia - and I have found that I do need some fruit added into my diet.

Garfield only cares about sleeping and eating. Jon is a good guy with not as good pets. Overall I think that this is a really good book.

Great book and nice for all ages I can't wait to read the next one. I hope it tell more as to what happens to Andi along with the new people

I wanted to learn more about the history of other societies so I started reading historical biographies. This is a very good book easy to read, eye opening to their history. Learning about slavery in another society was quite eye opening.

I really loved the great stories in this great book. I could not put it down till I finished reading all of them.Thank you so very much for writing all of them.

Another great book in the series. I am was disappointed that this one didn't wrap it up because I thought it was only going to be a trilogy.There is no real insight in what is going on in the big battle just more "clues" and more confusion. I do hope that Adien doesn't win and that Emma,will and Jake get a HEA. After everything they have been through they deserve it.

This is a great book for beginners and seasoned riders, both. Very well written and easy to understand. Would recommend it for anyone.

Bought this for Christmas fro 2.5yr old. Probably a little young for her age, but she loves the pictures and story. Great book!

So many ideas, so well illustrated, all types and sizes of small layouts, great info if you are short on room, great book!!!

Since receiving my Kindle, I've never done this. After having read the Kindle version I am going to purchase the hard cover and set it in my collection of books that cause my heart and mind to fire on all cylinders. This is the best book I've read in several years.

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