Great books by a fantastic author. Never read a series that made me laugh so hard. Wish that the series had never ended :(

This was not the best book because it just talked about if he had a cat with him but he did not say he had a cat a dinosaur or a rino so does he have one of this animals our not it was not my favorite book so I suggest you kids not to read it unless you are a little kid.From:Alessandra

This was a very good book - great characters, plausable story line, satisfying ending. You can't ask for more than that.

Another great book can"t wait to read the next book,to see what Polly is up to.I would recommend these books to read.

Good book! Nice read! Loved it!!!!! I love reading about the Amish, and this didn't change my views. Keep up the good work and good prices!!!!

One of the best books that I have read. I liked ed that GOD and faith was brought into it early. Was well written, I could hardly put it down. I definitely will read more by this author. Recommend to anyone. No foul. Language.

I normally don't go for fairy tale stories, but I got this for free so i was like cool i will read it, well when i finished the first one, had to do a search for the rest of the story, and i was not disappointed, great books!!!

What a great book from a first time author. I could hardly put it down. So many twists and turns and events that I truly never saw coming. I'm really looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Great book with lots of things worthy of highlighting and re quoting. Very informative and thought provoking. Confirms many of my own thoughts about our body's ability to self heal if we just took care of it, and if we helped it out with good nutrition and movement. Highly recommend.

Ok this was a great book which was a page turner full of action. So I am overjoyed that Dallas is back with Tyce because Angelique wanted a different Tyce. I just hope that he chose the right woman, which is Dallas to marry. Dallas is the one for him and I hope he realizes that.

This was a good book historical book, but I thought it wasn't quite as good as one on Boltzmann I had read. (apples and oranges?)

It was not what I expected and didn't help me with what I was after.. So, it was either I didn't understand the description of the topics in Understanding Edward Albee (Understanding contemporary American literature) before purchase, or they need to write a better description of Understanding Edward Albee (Understanding contemporary American literature) and it's topics.

I did not read Food Merchandising: Principles and Practices yet I only read one page that's good I think. Joe thank you thank you thank you

I just couldn't get past how the author wrote " he said" "she said" every time a character said something. it really became annoying, even worse if you use text to speech. I couldn't finish reading Slik..

I enjoyed the pace, the history, and the action of Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference Series: 15- Volume Set. The occasional typo was distracting, but the story more than made up for that. I did not care for Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference Series: 15- Volume Set cover, which depicts the main character, Mali, as blond and looking something like Madonna, even though Mali has jet-black hair of the Meso-Americans.

Praying the Lord prayer book I will recomended to any one. It explain step by step what the meaning of each sentence. If you want to be closer to God get Dielectric Spectroscopy of Polymeric Materials: Fundamentals and Applications (ACS Professional Reference Book) it will help you to pray more than ever before.Thanks.

well I have not been reading anything connected to the old west type of writing, but found Foreman(Passbooks) quite interesting. It takes a lotof imagination for the writer to come up with what actually took place, and how it was done. I probably gave it one star to many, butthen that's ok. Other readers might enjoy this writer's book.

This is a perfect book for any castle fan as it brings the character more to life as an author. The Hand and the Soul: Aesthetics and Ethics in Architecture and Art is brilliantly done and draws the fan into the story.

I have been very interested in trying my hand at this craft. It is virtually not available here in the states and wish it were taught here and that I knew exactly what products were that are mentioned in McDonald's Veterinary Endocrinology & Reproduction. We don't have the same supplies here so it is hard to know what is comparable. Book excellent.

A friend bought this for me as a birthday gift as it was on my immensely long book wish list that I am sure I gave to everyone.Sadly, however, I have not made one single thing in it. This is ONLY because I have not had the time. Great ideas and a a great book to add to your collection if you are into collecting cook books like me. I WILL make something from this. I will!

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