It was a good book but could have been was a short read, hope the next one is longer.

good book good service John grisham is the best ever. I will buy more books as he writes them. Yea

Great book, hard to put down my kindle. Read it like I did the first of this series, read until my battery ran out, charged & read again, repeated until the end.

This a great book, I can't wait for the next in the series. Even the series is really good, and I can't wait for more of both!!!

This was probably not my favorite book but I enjoyed reading it anyway. Nice to have a cloud to send books to so I can go back and brouse.

I laughed and I cried. Truly a tender heart warming book. I was completely surprised with the direction of the story line. A great read!

Not what I expected, much better! This is a fun fast read with lots of twists and action. Funny nutty characters mixed with supernatural fun. Good book

Lots of history that we don't get from our school system. Great story line. I enjoyed it a lot. Good book.

Still love reading about horses and mystery. Very good book, couldn't wait to get back to it each time I had to set it down.

Good book but not the best I've ever read. Don't believe I have read this author before. I may try another as they seem to continue a story line.

A good book I could not wait to get to the end to fine out what was going to happen to Ryan and and the rest of the wolf pack can not wait to read the next book

I really enjoy the concept of this story. A short read about a young man who is fighting for justice in the world.While dealing with a tough subject like child abuse, The Carrot and the Stick: Israel's Policy in Judea and Samaria, 1967-68 is family friendly and a great story about God's love, forgiveness, and doing the right thing.

Motor Cycle Touring is definitely based on biblical principals but told in a way that anyone can receive it. It contains life changing information!

While The Little Humpback Horse remains pretty clear of spiritual emphasis, it appeals to a wide range of people in that it works on how to lead an organization in ways that are truly effective.

There's already enough written about Guidebook to Australian company law: --an explanation of the National Companies Code (A CCH guidebook) that I can't say much new. I enjoyed it. It was well-written, if a bit far-fetched, and I found the descriptions of the Norfolk coast saltmarsh appropriately spooky and atmospheric.

This novel is quick reading and has a surprise ending! I enjoyed the writing of this author. The History of Ships club I am in made an excellent choice in The History of Ships.

Target Organ Toxicity, Volume I is brutally honest, hilarious, and crude. Its relatable for foodies and probably one of the only books to give a true look into how hard the culinary world is. Buy Target Organ Toxicity, Volume I!

Issues in Advertising had a very good premise, but the execution was lacking. Issues in Advertising was bogged down for large stretches by inaction and slow dialogue. The authors decision to show us every painstaking step in the language building process was interesting initially, but grew tiresome after the first 60% of Issues in Advertising. I had to force myself to finish Issues in Advertising.

love the series of Zombie fallout. it's so exciting that best not to read at night :), I sometimes can't put White Papers (Pitt Poetry Series) down, Tufo writes so that you are there experiencing it all. Your not an outsider looking in, you feel like you are right there.

My sister introduced Singular Perturbations and Differential Inequalities (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) to me in 2012. Every year I look forward to having another black book to keep me company during lent.

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