Its a good book that teaches (that word exactly) on how to open up your heart. . though it seems, to me at least, to be more of something one would read in a classroom as a work-sheet book.

Great book. Easy and fun to read. My third grader loved it and finished it in three days. It explains her life very well.

This was a very good book. It kept you going a real page turner. I sent this on to my daughter-in-law and she said the same thing, a real page turner. I will check out other books by this author

Too much sexual situations and not much left to the imagination. It could've been a good book if more romance and not sex was involved.

the characters were likable.....The storyline was good.....the writing was sum it up.....overall it was a good read.....was it the best book I have read it was enjoyable.....I would recommend it and I am looking forward to Henry's story......

Great book about our special forces and how they keep our country safe. outstanding details of how our special forces are trained and operate

OMG! What a great book! Now I gotta try to get to sleep at least by 2am! I hate I can't tell the good parts but you don't read this one you are missing a wonderful and great story. I plan to re-read tomorrow! Gonzo was a very smart man! Good thinking!

This is one of my all-time favorite books! Bridget is one of the only characters that can make me laugh out loud over and over. I lend it to all my friends and no one is ever disappointed.

A great book. Soap fans will love to read this. Amazon delivered it on time. A new book in perfect condition. A must read for those who love watching soap operas.

Lemons are an easy to source way of neutralising acidity in your body - this is a great book to support an easy to implement strategy for a long healthily life.

Want a very good book and will be looking for others like it! Will recommend it to my friends. Thank you

This was a great book, but boy was it hard to read at times because the tears just got in the way. There I was alone in the living room at midnight with the tears running down my cheeks. There was just so much empathy for Honey and the things that happen to her that the tears couldn't be helped! But there was a rainbow to my storm clouds and the tears were worth it!

Not your typical King read. I enjoyed the departure from the norm. This was a very good book. The characters were good and the attention to detail was great.

nice book, make shure it's the latest version though, lots of people not clear about that and they are selling an older version!

Ender's Game is a great book. I would highly recommend it to younger readers too (elementary-high school). Anyone who's bored with reading, I think Ender's Game is a great book to get back into the swing of it.

this is a really good book! recommend to all!

I am so excited when a series writer decides to continue on with a family line. Wonderful book! Can't wait to see what will be next!

great book.awesome historical accuracy. very entertaining read. easy read. gets you hooked very quick. highly recommended! excited for next one!all three books were amazing, I read the series all screwy, but they were all still just as entertaining.

If your are into prepping or just want some wholesome, home grown food, this is a good book to add to your library.

Great book with wonderful pictures. I looked through it after I bought it and just realized I forgot to give it to my grand-daughter!

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