Afghanistan Land in Crisis Thematic Map NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, 2001 certainly held my interest. I would've liked to have read in one sitting but other priorities demanded my attention. The characters were believable, though one person did turn out to be quite over the top in his madness.

I believe it to be one of his two best books. I got it, read it, loved it. I couldn't put it down. I found his settings to be very interesting as I have been to most of the locations.

There is a wealth of information here written beautifully so that young children can understand. Kids (and I think adults too) will learn a lot about Pandas: the reasons why they need to be protected and what problems they are facing amongst other things. The images are amazing. It's a wonderful book. I highly recommend it.

Great book !love Susanna, all I can say is more please! Heald me from start to finish would recommend this to everyone who likes historical fiction.

I read a couple of Z books a week and this one is so much more than most. A really great book of the genre and I hope this auther will write more! Not just zombies but great characters and it is get plenty of entertainment for a very small price.

I have found this is a great book that has helped me pick up on things that were hampering me. Anyone can benefit from it/

As always a great book from Julie. I love her stories and have read every book she has written. Love you Julie!

I'm surprised with this little book. I loved all salads suggestions and also the variety, thank you so much for this great book!

This was a great book. It was sad, romantic, action filled, and makes you think. I especially liked the epilogue. This is a series I am going to get for my grandson. I know he will love it.

A can't put it down read. I loved it. Great story, full of suspense. i highly recommend this great book.

It was a pretty good book, I recommend it. It is a quick,good read and great for a cold night.

This is a very good book. Held my interest. While geared towards YA if you love fantasy and a way to share the gospel. This does.

This is such a heartbreaking storyIt has taking me 3 days to read this novel, but the emotions will stay with me for quite a while. Very good book. The players that are real people, I do remember from my youth. That was enjoyable.

Wonderful book in really great detail of side road in Alaska, I plan on taking it when I travel up there next year on my bike!

This was a wonderful book. It helps me understand the Arab culture more then anything I had read before. I am so grateful that Tito was able to write his story. His conversion story was wonderful and what he went thought for the gospel was amazing.

I got this to help with my research for natural remedies. While it is helpful, I thought it might be more descriptive of the plants. It is a good book to have on hand, but it's not a field guide by any means.

It is a good book but it is just a novel. I was expecting more actual happenings in the life of Jesus.

An enjoyable read that is about God healing relationships. A nice encouraging story and very well written. The two main characters take a while to getting to dealing with their issues, and some side stories get woven in, but all in all a great book.

This was a good book to read to see how things got started. It really showed you a true backround of what Aiden was like.

This is one of my favorite books. The story grabs you and will not let go, you will bejust itching to know what will happen. The story is full with emotion and action. For meit is one of the best historical romances out there...

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