Being a Celiac and a foodie at the same time can be though, but Memoirs of the life of William Wirt Volume 1 will surely help you. I love cooking and since I bought a slow-cooker I'm trying to prepare something new every few days. Memoirs of the life of William Wirt Volume 1 contains some valuable advice and info you should know before you start and very delicious recipes. Recommended.

Here is The Wife of his Youth, and other Stories of the Color Line with a twist that I didn't see coming thanks to my refusal to read the description or summary. It made it a far more enjoyable read with romance and steam!

Wow! I am SO going to have Shadows and Silhouettes hangover after this one! Jesse and Ava are electric together! I loved Shadows and Silhouettes and I have to start book two right now!

Dreams: a biblical model of interpretation guides you through who you are and helps you learn to style yourself accordingly. Then it helps you figure out the colors and shapes that work best for you and how to organize your closet and shop and minimize the stress.

Some parts are a bit contrived. Her editors should have noted because none were necessary. A great book to pick up at the end of the day. Wish there were great reads like this one.

Love the recipes and will continue to use them to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks of the speedy delivery. Good book

This is a beautiful book, just what I hoped for. I will be using many of the ideas and instructions for my wall hangings.

Very good book . I would recommend reading it to anyone with romance in their heart. It is worth the price.

Great book. The ending was quite interesting. Must admit it keeps you in suspense. Held my attention until the end.

Great book when you don't know how to pray. Good devotional for every day, helps you with your prayer life.

This isn't a pattern book and it's not muh of a history book for lingerie either. Don't waste your money as there are good books out there. Just not this one.

It was a very good book to read . A little confusing but keeps you reading. A Very well written book.

Such a great book. I can't believe I fall in love again with these boys. What a great addition to the family..

This was a great book as expected!!! It keeps you on the edge of ur seat as your reading it. Truly a page turner!!! Can't wait for part two.

good clear directions.........I'm not great...but I'm having great fun! If you need a help book for how to hold your needles...what type of yarn you need....or why plastic or wood needles...good book!

This is a good book to read when you dont't want to think too hard and want mindless entertainment. Sort of like watching a television show you don't particularly like just to zone out. It's filed in my 'fluffy, but okay' folder.

I really liked the story but I felt that the hero was holding onto his issues a little too much. I mean, he was a child himself when his brother died. How was he supposed to save him without dying himself??? Stupid parents!!! I did like his interactions with the heroine and how he took to being a dad fairly quickly. Good book!

Great book that helps explain how some many companies have go on to be really great companies. It also show you where others have failed. Worth the time to read and research.

Heard that it was a good book for children and bought as gift for a 10-year old boy & a 12-year old boy for a Christmas gift.

Great book. Fresh and inventive fantasy with its own distinct characters, cultures and storyline. Am really hanging out for sequel

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