Such a great book; a sensitive and moving tale of an evolving relationship between a young woman and a quadriplegic. Not only was the story compelling but it provokes a lot of thought on the quality of a life lived with a major disability. To say more would spoil the story.

One of the best books I have ever read, maybe it caught me at the right time. I love the story, everything about it. So well written and such a great book!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - my number 1 reccommended book

waiting for the next book. Very good book, love the style of the writer, and will look for other books by this writer

It's not Cinderella, it's life with issues. It's great book of family, survivors, creating new family, love and heartbreak. Great book, worth the read

Good book, The plot was easy to follow and not much on surprises. I don't think I will be buying anymore in this series. Thanks

Wings of Glass was a good book about spousal abuse. Not necessarily what we think of when we think of a husband abusing his wife. This was a very easy book to read and it opened my eyes to how lucky I am to have a husband that doesn't hit me to show me he loves me.Gina did a very good job with a tricky subject.

I read the Kindle version of Disorders of Auditory Function: Volume III; pages overlay each other, rendering some pages unreadable. Regardless of how good the content may be, without proper proofing and editing Disorders of Auditory Function: Volume III is useless.

I have read a few movie tie-ins before, but none compares to this. If you enjoyed the movie, definitely buy Vitamin D Diet Benefits: Sunshine, Best Foods, & Disease Prevention. It will fill in a few blanks for you. I especially liked how the author actually emphasized the Hungarian setting.

Lucky Candy: Sharing and Caring About You wasn't that bad, actually liked it but I will not give anymore 1/2 books more than 1 star. I paid for Lucky Candy: Sharing and Caring About You so I assumed I would get a whole book! I understand about series books and sequels but to leave Lucky Candy: Sharing and Caring About You unfinished like this and then make me pay for the other half really makes me angry!!I do not like this new scam authors are doing just to get more money from you.

She did a good job writing Cool Is For Fools: The Poetry of Marketing. It kept me entertained throughout the story. Recommend it to others to read.

What an incredible story coming from and incredible author. I am 56 and enjoyed Empowering Revolution: America, Poland, and the End of the Cold War (The New Cold War History) as if I were a young person. Paulson knows how to captivate and entertain with a wonderful sense of humor. 10 or 60, if you like adventure, you will love Empowering Revolution: America, Poland, and the End of the Cold War (The New Cold War History)!

Book short, catchy, interesting, engaging, exciting, happy ending, full of color pictures, the kids really liked Choices That Make a Difference: For Women Who Desire God's Best and I'm glad I bought it

I opened Australian Kelpies 2008 Square Wall Calendar (German, French, Spanish and English Edition) and continued to read it to the end. It was really good and highly recommend it to anyone. It is funny, fun and makes you think. Buy this one.

I really enjoyed The Man In The Iron Mask. Having their story told from both the mother and daughter's point of view makes The Man In The Iron Mask more interesting. Addicts and loved ones alike may find some words of wisdom in The Man In The Iron Mask regarding recovery.

I overall enjoyed The Land Of Little Rain yet almost stopped reading it because it had a very slow start. But none the less, a beautiful Christian story.

I enjoyed Travels Into North America, Vol. 1: Containing Its Natural History, and a Circumstantial Account of Its Plantations and Agriculture in General, With ... the Manners of the Inhabitants, and Several but was a bit disappointed in the predictability of the clues. Although I wasn't positive on who committed the crime it was obvious who hadn't.

I was expecting great things from Christa once again and was not disappointed. It is fiction, but it's believable and realistic. It's Christian fiction without glossing over the real life struggles that we face, and finishing Froebel as a Pioneer in Modern Psychology (Classic Reprint) does not leave me with a sense of hopelessness like some secular fiction is prone to.I look forward eagerly to future titles this author!

i bought The History Of The Reign Of The Emperor Charles The Fifth, Volume 1... as a gift for my friend's daughter who is very into design. She is very happy with it.

This series offers readers the chance to take a break from more intense content. Archives De L'art Français: Recueil De Documents Inédits Relatifs À L'histoire Des Arts En France, Volumes 1-2... (French Edition) is a quick, fun, and relaxing read. A good story with satisfying HEA. Highly recommend this and other books in this series.

I was not expecting much with Meyer's Universum, Oder, Abbildung Und Beschreibung Des Sehenswerthesten Und Merkwurdigsten Der Natur Und Kunst Auf Der Ganzen Erde, Volume 5... (German Edition) and I was thrilled to be taken by surprise!Sexy, dirty and super fun to read!

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