I was sorry when (Anti-)Rassismus in Kinder- und Jugendliteratur (German Edition) ended. I must have laughed out loud dozens of times. The writing is terrific; the adventures are unbelievable.This is a fun book to read. I wish I could invite Ali to dinner at my house or go shopping with her. She sounds like a real hoot!

Hartmetalle in der Werkstatt: Heft 62 (Werkstattbücher) (German Edition), tells you things you may not want to hear...but it tells you the truth and it makes you think about what is happening to our country.

Energienutzung Und Energiesparen - Wege Zum Eigenstandigen Lernen Im Sachunterricht (German Edition)s is vicious. I know it kind of hints at that in the product summary, but still....and don't get your hopes up b/c the ending will break your heart.

My kids loved Fürstliche Eheverträge: Gottorfer Hausrecht 1544-1773 (Rechtshistorische Reihe) (German Edition), its a fun easy way to teach them about recycling and looking after the planet. We are very much looking forward to reading all about the big green dinosars next adventures.

Schloss aus Glas. 5 CDs needed better editing. It started well, but as you read on and on, with promises of answers,explanations, and details, it simply leaves you wanting. It dragged on and on with too much boring, totally pointless detail. I hate to give bad reviews, so two stars, but that is generous. I was so bored that I finally quit 2/3 into Schloss aus Glas. 5 CDs. I cannot recommned Schloss aus Glas. 5 CDs.

The concept of Hellas und der Orient: Phasen wechselseitiger Rezeption (Julius-Wellhausen-Vorlesung) (German Edition) was good, the execution needed a little refining. Not a bad book overall, but it needed a lot more action sequences. Most of the time the main characters were either in the car, changing hotels or in a hotel room. But when they actually got out there and looked for the title object it was a fairly decent read.

Not the best book I have ever read, but I definitely enjoyed the different characters if not the story line.

This was a really great book! I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a little bit of love, laughter and dragons!

this is the best book I have purchased in a long time. it's so clever and I really love how he tells the story with letters which also exposed kids to letter writing which is rare these days. The story is hilarious and our school rates it A+++

This is very nice book. Beautiful pictures, great quality. I mistakenly thought it was about the psychology of colorsand how it connects with personality and behaviors. It's not about that. Still, it's a very nice book and I am planning to read it.

A must read! All the O'Malley's are great and loveable. You must read these books. They are full of romance, action, and adventure. All together these are great books.

I have so loved this whole series. To be part of this family from the beginning and watch Each person grow. Going from the parents to their children and where life takes them. This was Sarah and Owen's youngest child Amelia and Archer' s older brother Logan's story. It was a very good book, loved the twists and turns.

This was an adorable read. The characters come alive to the reader. I found myself laughing out loud. A wonderful book I recommend it to everyone to read.

Great book, and great series. Originally ordered for my 13 year old, but I wanted to read them first to make sure it was appropriate, and I had a hard time putting it down. This was a fast read. It is just a short story.

I started to read this teen series to see if it was okay for my pre-teen niece to read. Not only was it perfect for her to read (altough it does talk about sex so that is up to the parents), it was a great book. I have now got my sister, mother, aunt and cousins hooked on the series.

A good book written from a humorous point of view. I received it promptly with no problems, damage, etc. Enjoyed it.

This was a very haeart warming book. The only bad thing was that it was to short. I really enjoyed reading it.

If country music is the people's music is it any surprise that there's as much complexity and nuance as there is reflected in this great book? Well written and insightful..and it'll help as a shopping list for your Amazon music purchases.

It is very informative. But I don't agree with everything that the author has to say. Yet it is a very good book.

This was a great book about a sad time in history. I liked the way it was written and narrated by death.

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