Great book can't wait to read the next book in this series a lot drama, heartache, and confusion but in the end....... oh wait you gonna have to find out yourself. You won't regret it

Great book! I loved the details about places I may never travel to. It had secrets and love and happiness and sadness.

This was a pretty good book, a lot of non-combat stuff which is what I like. Glad I bought it and read it.

loved it and have shared it with others. Great book for growth and renewal. I am now rereading it, you get alot out of it

Wow! Is all I can say....reaffirms my opinion that for most, homelessness is a choice.Great book! Kudos to the author for sharing her life with the rest of us.

A great book

A great book for middle school age readers. I read it before both of my kiddos to tell them if it was good or not. They both loved it too.

Often this subject can become quite thick with a tangled underbrush of jargon-like words. This is not the case here. Wonderful book!!

This is a good book depending on what you're looking for. I wouldn't say it's the most advanced piece of literature, but I don't think that's why most people buy this novel.

This is a great book if you are interested in learning completely useless information (i.e. Opossums have thirteen nipples), or if you are interested in one mans heartfelt journey to becoming omniscient. Jacobs really delivers with this wonderful look at human intellect.

My son loves legos and he enjoys reading Birds of Florida over and over again. He's 4 and the combination of firefighters and legos is a hit!

British Paramountcy and the Cooch Behar had me rolling with emotions. Jake really had me pissed at times but overall loved the story. Well written. Will seek more from this author.

I loved Justice and Technology in EUrope: How ICT is Changing the Judicial Business. It was very well-written as to make you feel chills. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

I didn't meet my father til I was 23 yrs old, but I had an amazing step dad. Marthas Kinder (German Edition) hit home for me in so many ways. I loved it!

Quite interesting characters and moving story line which compels the reader to turn page after page. Highly recommend Unternehmensstrategie und Gewerkschaftspolitik um Lohn und Leistung: Entwicklung der Entlohnungsmethoden und Leistungskontrolle in der deutschen ... und Arbeiterbewegung) (German Edition).

Remarkable! The humor and the tragedy of life over four generations plus a shocking revelation only barely foreshadowed. Studien zum chinesischen Recht (German Edition) convinced me to read all of Atkinson's fiction.

LOVE Biotechnology: The Science and the Business!! I have had it for many years and give it as gifts to every new mom in my family or new friend I make. I have prayed the verses in Biotechnology: The Science and the Business for my 3 kids as they were growing up and now for my 5 grandkids. There is nothing more important you can do than to pray God's word into the lives of your kids.

Very good read.Quantum Statistics in Optics and Solid-State Physics (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics) had you rooting for the hero all the way.It has suspense,romance,also wondering the "who done it,going to do it,and why"ENJOYABLE

I never laughed so hard in my life. Agronomic Practices: Irrigation, Nitrogen and Tillage Management is extremely funny. I know I must have woken up neighbors in the middle of the night due to gut wrenching laughter. I loved the characters and dialogue was nicely done. This is one of those books I was pleasantly surprised by. Romance with plenty laughs, ahhhhh what winner.

Haven't had time to listen to The Approaches Of The Guidance And Counselling Teachers: Working At Schools To The Psychological Intimidation yet. But it did arrive quickly and in very good condition.

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