I am a bigtime Coben fan and have read all of his books. While I do not think this is his best book, it is definitely top notch and is a serious page turner that will keep you engaged and has a ton of twists and turns. Coben is great at taking modern issues such as social networking and using them to create an up-to-date story. Overall, a fantastic book by the master.

Good book. Never a dull moment with keisha. Can't wait for the next book. Hope it doesn't take too long.

great book lent it to my sister and have not seen it since I gave it to her. Just might have to go over to her house and get it..

This was a good book it wasn't what I thought it would be but all around it was a good book!

This is one of the best book series I have read in a while. Love it! Have got three more on my kindle and plan to buy the rest. Can't put it down!!

This is a great book with lots of really good ideas and it will be a blessing to use should I need to use my emergency stash of food. I like it for its practical ideas besides. Highly recommend.

A good book all the best ha he ha ha ha ha [email protected] ha [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

This could have been a great book, but whole sections seem to be repeated over and over again making it much longer than it needed to be. A good editor should have had the author cut all the redundancies.

Another great book! Just love it! These stories keep you ready to stay up all night to see what happens next.

This is a wonderful book. It was so sweet, and charming. I've already read it twice and will probably read it many more times. It's a great book to just sit back, read, and smile. I really like this author and hope she keeps writing. Well...on to her next book!!!!

I laughed from beginning to end! Any parent can relate to her hilarious stories. The Red Knight of Germany: The Story of Baron von Richthofen (War & Warriors Series) will appeal to anyone who has even the teeniest sense of humor in raising their children.

I purchased Aaron Tippin -- Lookin' Back at Myself: Piano/Vocal/Chords for a genealogy course that I took. I have not had much use for it. I should probably sell it. Yet at the same time, I hate to get rid of it.

Harp Seals (A Carolrhoda Nature Watch Book) was good but the print was way to small. I would read another of his books if the print were larger

If you find yourself going into debt to buy things you don't need to impress people you don't really even like, Communism in the World Since 1945: An Annotated Bibliography (Clio Bibliography Series) is for you. It covers everything from how to simplify your environment at work, home, and every where in between.

The way Roth wrote this last book was very strange switching from Tobias and Tris's viewpoints was kind of annoying at first because she never did it before, but after awhile it just melted away and I got over it.The ending was very surprising and even though it was sad it was still good. Your mind will hurt from the pain you are about to be put through when you read Great African Americans in Business (Outstanding African Americans).

Research and Development in Colleges of Advanced Education in Australia (ACER Research Monograph) made me want to go sanitize everything! Great story, the first half is very predicable, but it escalates! The author did a wonderful job of capturing the fear of our society falling apart as we watch. Loved the ending. Research and Development in Colleges of Advanced Education in Australia (ACER Research Monograph) was well written and truly exciting.

Let's Make Tudor Music: Teacher's Book had good information and was written very non bias but I was looking for Let's Make Tudor Music: Teacher's Book that was geared more towards older adults and this seems to be great for teenagers and very young adults!

I loved Memoirs of Roger Clap: Collections of the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society (Select Bibliographies Reprint Series, No 1)! I laughed, I cried, it really touched me. I will never look at another dog and not wonder.

I really enjoyed Scare Tactics. I just wish it was longer. I can't wait to continue reading more in the series.

I enjoyed Gifts of Grace. I had wondered if this was written for a young reader. The plot was unique. I was tickled to hear a dog's view of Christmas.

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