This is the best book ever written. What else needs to be said? Lewis artfully mixes Platonism, Orthodoxy, and Imagination to the benefit of the reader. A tale full of deep Christian metaphors. Lay mysticism at its best.

A fantastic book if you are into this sort of thing. It's a series of emails between Mistress and cuckold that goes on for several months. Very erotic to submissive men, I am sure. I loved it.

Great book with enough information to get you going in costume making. I echo those others who have posted positive reviews. I agree! A great reference book.

This is a truly great book. I read it while having a attack and it helped me a great deal in realizing that what I was experiencing was not in my mind. It helped me figure out how to talk about it and what questions to ask.Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!!!

This is a great book and I would read it again. I loved the development of the characters and wonderful ending. Read it!

My daughter turned me on to the Twilight series of books and I loved them so much, that I read all four books in seven days. I loved them so much that I bought all four in paperback for my own book collection, and now have bought them for my Kindle as well. I love to read my favorite books over and over, and this definitely falls in that category

I wish these books were numbered. I would have read this one first. Great book. I was never bored while reading

This was a good book, and a good start for a series, I want to read the rest of them them as well.

Without a doubt the best book about the war that didn't go on. Must reading for those that can handle the memories.

A very good book. It was required reading for my school and I can say it is a great story that makes you feel like you're part of Henry's journey and soul

It was not one of her best books and I have read all of her work I wasn't sorry when it ended

The messages are for both the start of the day and the end of the day. Wonderful book for Christians and non-Christians as the messages are about the things we should all be doing for ourselves and each other.

Wonderful book by a remarkable writer. I haven't quite finished but am enjoying it. Even though he fathered a large family most of his time was spent making money and furthering his career. Larry

Wonderful book of hope, and overcoming the unthinkable tragities that life can throw at us, in times of trouble remember we will servive

It's a good book but it's missing something, more suspense maybe... I think that the end was trivial. In my opinion it was very well written, the knowledge of the different religions and theirs links was amazing, that's the part that I most enjoyed, I wonder if it's real. Good story, very well written, some goods character but not enough too give it 4 or five star.

wonderful book, explains basics and theory. wish there were more home made pasta receipes.tried two receipes. both good.

Pretty good book, a little slow at the beginning but worth sticking with it and reading till the end. Looking forward to reading the next one.

A good book. Keeps you interested from one paragraph to the next. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys medical thrillers.

Good book, kind of too long in some areas and chapters. But, worth the muddling through, because once it's finished you're left with a good feeling. It makes you grateful for what you have, as, it does show how much worse you life could be, though, it's a fictional story.

it's a good book if you have never couponed before. I super couponed for a couple of months and it took to much time away from my family. this does take time. I ended up with lots of items I did not really need, but, I got them for free or just pennies. use coupons, just don't go overboard.

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