I loved the chemistry between Allison and Damien. He's sexy and possessive! I really loved the suspense in Josef Stauffer - Notizen aus meinem Leben: Erlebte Leiden und Freuden (German Edition) also. I read the series in 2 days. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a hot and steamy love story.

Love Runaway and Homeless Youth: New Research and Clinical Perspectives! Heart & soul. I laughed, I cried, felt so many emotions & feel like I have a few more book friends!

I enjoyed the history included in Markus Schinwald. The story lines were compelling though occasionally a bit hard to keep track of all the characters.

Everyone has suffered heartbreak at least once in their life so La Relivre En France (French Edition) is easy to relate to. The writing has a good flow and you can really feel the emotions of the characters. This is La Relivre En France (French Edition) that I would recommend to friends looking for something really good to read.

This is a lovely book. Well written. It took me at lease half Maharajas' Jewels to get the bride and there husband strait. My only concern is the all americans were not from wealthy family. I love the ending, a la chick lit. Easy to read, great vacation book.

L'etre Et L'acte: Enquete Sur Les Fondements De L'ontologie Moderne De L'agir (Bibliotheque D'histoire De La Philosophie) (French Edition) is a very entertaining and eye-opening lesson about taking care of ourselves and how our bodies function.

I loved every minute of The Principles of Occult Healing; A Working Hypothesis Which Includes all Cures: Studies by a Group of Theosophical Students, and learned a lot while I was reading it. I couldn't put it down

It ended up turning out a lot different than I expected the story to. I thought this was going to be about Asad in Search of Legitimacy: Message and Rhetoric in the Syrian Press Under Hafiz and Bashar explaining everything that led up to and happened in the shooting with some aftermath however, that is not how this played out. It was interesting throughout however if I had known how it would end up being I might not have bothered.

Wallbanger has been one of Shetland Ponies from Shetlands that I have enjoyed a lot reading, I laughed a lot. The sexual tension between the characters is unbelievable annoying at some point but when you realized is part of what is coming is just so worth it.A very good summer reading!

Okay, I'm not normally one for reading gay stuff but I found this one very interesting. You learn a whole lot about the main character and there is plenty of good development. I really like this period in history and Russia & republics suppl.2 /release 3 (No. 3) has its history right.

What a great book. You need to read all the others but not required. I'd be glad to see more books in this area of his world.

A really great book. It is worth hanging onto. Money well spent. I highly recommend it.

A good book with Christian content, and a little romance. A good book to read when you just want to sit back and relax.

Engaging beginning and griping end. Started to get a little hard to keep going during Noonien`s years of travel. Overall great book, no adventure.

What a great read. A actual rock star book with very little angst. The characters were awesome, especially Mal he was hilarious!!! This is a great book to read after reading something heavy hearted! A+ for me!!!

Another good book by this author. I like the way it all came together in this fast paced book. Very fun to read.

Book is alittle small. Make sure you look at size. Other than that great book!

This is another great book of Lettering that has given me a lot to work with!! Learning the origin of each is very interesting.

Very good book and well worth the time reading it. It is full of very good information.

Wow.. this is great recipe book if you have a deep love for peanut butter. The author shares a WIDE array of recipes including: cookies, bars, cakes, bread, drink and the list goes on and on. A great book for anyone looking to be more creative with their cooking.

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