Great book for you little cowboy my 5 year old wanted to rate it six stars or bullets if only he could

Not a bad book well worth a read, just read some truly great books lately so have to give this less stars, but will read more in this series

A fairly good book about a London rock band and the two girls hired to write their story for their American tour.

It deserve this rating as always I seem to choose the best book to read. So far this has been a very good book . I will read he other book to see if the story gets better.

This is a GREAT book. Is beautifully illustrated. Great how to illustrations that even a beginner will be able to follow.

Good book based on solid information about human nature and the importance of being compassionate in a relationship. Very good advice and good principles for any relationship.

Great book so far just started it on the first few chapters. Like reading catholic novels once in a while.

Good book to read makes you think what ifhe ha lived how many lives may have been saved in nam

Great book by two authors, it really was refreshing to have a new viewpoint (the zombie!). The story was fast paced and I loved characters, including the zombie. I do hope you are continuing on with this collaboration!

I think this is the best book I've read in a really, really long time. It's obviously a story filled with heartbreaking sadness but it is also very interesting discussion into the human mind and heart, resilience, and tenacity. It is ASTOUNDING that this kind of brutality is actually happening in the here and now.

It is a very nice book, but much smaller than I expected. If it were a little larger I would have been satisfied.

A first love sometimes comes around for another try. As with most good books the twists and turns leading to love make for an interesting read.

Great book. Interesting information. Have shared with others who have also found it to be a stimulating book. Easy to read yet thought provoking.

A very good book on forgiving yourself and not living in the past. Also the need to let go of guilt and tryst God.

This is a heartwarming book about family, hidden secrets, and the chance to find everlasting love. A must read book!

Great book to read in September when the kids are getting ready to be independent book shoppers! Goes over all the rules of the "just right" book! Touches on the perfect spot for reading and the five finger rule! I love it!

best book of series so far.looking forward to next book in series.great cliff hanger.cannot wait for next book.

Good book...I just haven't used it like I thought I would. It has mini lessons in order to give any one (but geared for young kids) the Christian foundations. I keep it as a ready to use resource.

This is a great book that for people that want to further their on spiritual journey to a much higher level.

Don't be fooled because this was a short story. Exam 70-667 Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Configuration Lab Manual had good a action scenes that made it a great read! & the ending was hilarious!

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