This has been a WONDERFUL book and very inspiring. I would recommend it to anyone. Well written and easyto read, but still thought provoking.

this gives more insight on the pastor that had come to the town. it has many great things that opened up more things that i had never thought about in depth. great book!!

Great book! This should be a whole series. I loved the parts about the secret passageways and how Celie outsmarted the guards with just her mirror wand and biscuit crumbs. It's a good reading book if you have a kid going into second grade.

A great book for the new or old beekeeper. Easy to read with a lot of information to get you started or refresh your memory on a bee health issue. I used it to study for Beekeeper exam in our state.

Wonderful book!! I love that the lines are small but big enough for you to write in. Also the fact that there are so many pages under each letter is great!! Very happy, fast shipping too!

This was a very good book. I enjoyed it. Lots of suspense and I loved that way it made you think about what you would do in a situation like this which is really scary.

Great book. My son and I have really enjoyed the three books so far and we are about half way through the fourth. The only concern I had with this shipment was it took eight days even though I paid for three day delivery.

What a world of twists and turns, who did it. Who can you really trust. It turned out to be a really good book.

This is definitely a good book for any kindle first timer and really easy to understand. Definitely worth the read.

It's a good book, especially for lazy summer reading. Some areas a little drawn out. But, I would recommend it

Liked the characters, the would make a good movie.....certainly made a good book.Hope the author has more books to offer.

As a matter of fact, I'm far-far away from computer gaming. I’m just trying to encourage my kids to read some books, and they love Minecraft novels. It is fine with me, I'm just trying to find well written novels for them. This one is a good Minecraft book,- high quality writing and editing, - exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for a good book and looking forward for the next story.

These books are like short stories. Just when they get interesting they end. Not this authors best books But ok if you want something quick to read..

This is a very creative book. It has easy to follow instructions and many neat ideas. I have only had time to make the popcorn cupcakes but an eager to try many of the other creations. I do have trouble finding some of the decoration candy but come up with my own substitutes for them. If you are creative and love to bake and decorate than this is a great book for you!

I wish there would have been more of a story line, but overall a good book, as always the authors do a good job getting you there but once you are there they just kind of fall off with the story. I personally want more of the relationship stuff with littel sprinkles of drama.

A great book; sure to be a classic. For those that took issue that the characters; language; and other things weren't southern, I take issue and suggest that YOU aren't very southern. Every G'ma both black and white said LAW for LORD. I won't reharsh the negative reviews but just say, read it; you'll like it.

Great book. Loved the characters dynamics. Felt like they gave in a little too early to the idea of love though for being such skeptics.

the descriptions of southern Louisiana are wonderful. One of his best books.Hard to put down. Full of bizarre characters that seem normal.

So far this is my favorite of the series. After reading about both Eli and Kaylee in previous books I couldn't wait to read their story. I enjoyed that this story brought them together but also helped them move on from their pasts. Good book and I can't wait to read the two that will be released this year!

I have recently taken up zentangle and am always looking for ideas to tangle. This is a great book for sampling colors and adapting tangles. Especially for the beginner.

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