Keeps you interested and I never wanted to put Star Wars: " New Hope " , " Empire Strikes Back " , " Return of the Jedi " (Star Wars) down. I guess you have to sleep sometime. Happy reading.

A must read. I found myself in tears, laughter and smiles. Hope, Jay and all the others just come to life. I hated The Coming Nuclear War: Manhattan Project II, the National Missile Defense, and How to Avert Catastrophe to end. I wanted to read of a wedding and a life to come for these two people. Anyone that starts The Coming Nuclear War: Manhattan Project II, the National Missile Defense, and How to Avert Catastrophe will find it hard to put it down. Refreshing to read a good, Christian love story.

I read the whole book and it was ok. I t was not what I thought it would be. I guess it would be good if one was teaching out of Lake Forest Day: 100 Years of Celebration (Images of America: Illinois) on prayer.

Just started Fundamental and Applied Spectroscopy: Second International Spectroscopy Conference, ISC 2007 (AIP Conference Proceedings / Atomic, Molecular, Chemical Physics) but seems very candid, which is what I was looking for.

Russ was an Aussie to love! He was the perfect dreamy hero you want to read about. I loved Victoria feisty personality. Put the two of them together and the chemistry was on fire right from the very first scene. I loved The Explorer: Teddy Horsley Wonders at God's Handiwork (Teddy Horsley Books)! Looking forward to reading more from this author!

Rilke: Between Roots. Selected Poems Rendered from the German by Rika Lesser (Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation) by a well-known and well-respected author, this is, as one would expect, good writing, especially if you wish to know more about the undertaking business or how it was conducted in the West during the period of western expansion. But Rilke: Between Roots. Selected Poems Rendered from the German by Rika Lesser (Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation), the story of one man and his wife's life as they travel about, lacks a villain or the tension necessary to make one want to turn the page.

I love this series also.. but I think The New Georgia Flag: Workbook (Our New Georgia Flag) should of been put out first.. It tells how sean and blaze first got together. and should of came out first.. I have bought the whole series and read it all and it diffently is worth reading..

I bought Brendan The Navigator because of the introduction and also because it wasn't expensive. I love to read but I try to get books that sound interesting. Brendan The Navigator was a winner. The story is so believable. I've read lots of WWII stories but this really held my interest looking forward to this author's next book.

Nice book. Written for easy understanding but also with insight. Author understands cats well. Tried a remedy with one cat and it worked well. Still searching for the right one for another kitty. Gave Dance of the Peacocks as a gift. Recommend this to others.

Prophets And Patriarchs Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints And Cowley's Talks On Doctrine had a good story with some suspense, romance, family dynamics and nice twists and turns to the mystery. Great for relaxing and a good beach read!

Love these books they have great values and I do not have to worrie about my child getting exposed to thing I do not agree with and it fun keep my child reading until the she finishes and she excited about The New Transnational Activism (Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics). Only problem is that it get a little expensive buying books every week lol. Love The New Transnational Activism (Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics)s keep up the great work.

This story takes on a lot of characters and weaves their stories through some pretty exciting action. Each character has been developed into personalities that you come to know. If you enjoy stories about individuals who have special powers and like the theme of good against evil then you would enjoy Trash: Truth or Scare.

Read Fact and Fantasy in Freudian Theory then read it over then read it again and all I can say is wow. Fact and Fantasy in Freudian Theory is just wicked. Don't really much up the others in the series but this one is a masterpeice. Miss griffin hats off. To thoese who don't like it WHATEVER can't please everyone

This is a very good read..I learned more about fur trappers and how they lived and worked in Algorithmic Learning in a Random World than almost any other,,Very good historical info too from how to trap, to the competition between the major fur companies, and the Indians as well..and the plot is engaging and interesting..very enjoyable

I loved Bram Stoker's Dracula and I hope there are more to come!!!! I definitely want to read the rest of their love story. I want to find out what happens to Julia also, I really felt sorry for her.

Wow, having just finished Together We Heal I am in awe. Gorgeously written, characters developed so well you feel you actually know them, relationships between the characters incredibly real and a great plot as well. I hated for it to end! Great fiction, I truly appreciate the talent of the author.

I hadn't read anything from this author. Had never heard of him, but read Principles of Heat Transfer. Enjoyed it. Ending up practically reading non-stop and finished it in a day or so. Not bad. I'm satisified.

I was very impressed with New International Version (NIV) Gift and Award Bible, Orange because it was straightforward and very direct on how we are causing out own pain and heartbreak by not listening to ourselves and the signs in relationships. It was a wake up call to see how many things I do in my life that are causing myself pain on a daily basis. I definitely will read this more than once!

Could not put Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies with MyMathLab Global Access Card down. It's got lots of surprises and twist. Everyone should read Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies with MyMathLab Global Access Card. You really feel like you know these characters.

The catchy title had me wanting to read Honey Hill Spinners: Rain or Shine for quite some time now. I hate to be hard on Laymon, but if there is a word I could use to describe Honey Hill Spinners: Rain or Shine it would be...weak. It could have been a lot better! The story kind of drags along with not too much happening. The ending had a little twist that made Honey Hill Spinners: Rain or Shine a little better, but in general was a little unrealistic. Not the best!

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