I had no interest in reading The Victorian agricultural & horticultural gazette Volume 2, but downloaded a sample and discovered a great read. So much history and human interest!

This was a very good read I enjoyed it very much. A little slow to begin with but was a good story once you read farther into Experimental Researches in Electricity.

Handbuch Der Luftschiffahrt (German Edition) right here will have you in your feelings ! Handbuch Der Luftschiffahrt (German Edition) bought me to tears...if you want a real and raw book this is for you...treasure blue sends you there...he talks about things that make you go there...Handbuch Der Luftschiffahrt (German Edition) was a no holds bar...he went there and he went in...what Oprah is to women...treasure is to urban fiction....Handbuch Der Luftschiffahrt (German Edition) should have all 5 star reviews !

Wow!!!!! Loved it. I couldn't put Mary Howitt: Volume 1: An Autobiography (Cambridge Library Collection - Literary Studies) down. I love the twist and turns and the surprises. U ended Mary Howitt: Volume 1: An Autobiography (Cambridge Library Collection - Literary Studies) the right way. This is a must read. This would be a great movie!!!!!!

Lyrics of Life and Love was awesome. I loved it . It was so suspenseful and a great romance novel. I hope there will be a sequel to Lyrics of Life and Love.

it was a wonderfully written story. I couldn't put Best of Maui 2011-2012 down. Mila and Lucus's story is heart warming and leave you hot and bothered. every woman's fantasy brought to life in this story of hurt, independents, fear, romance, sex, forgiveness, and love. (;

What Foster Parents Need to Know: Keeping a Journal, Handling Allegations, Adoption Subsidies, and More opens my western eyes on at least two levels. 1) The interest of Pakistani parents to educate their daughters. 2) The daily struggles and dangers in rural areas of the country.

Well....I finished it, but it was just like mining for gold - lots of gravel with a nugget of gold appearing now & then - but....not often enough to make a really funny book. Honestly, the "nuggets" were laugh-out-loud funny when they appeared, but they were few & far between in my opinion. I am so glad that I did not pay full-price for Common Ground 3: Academies, Cemeteries & Docks.

riley writes in the style of tom clancy; i found Twenty Years of Statutory Redundancy Payments in Great Britain excelent reading, great plot of government intregue and coruption.this is my book by riley, i would like to see more.

I had my doubts when I saw Scenic (Steps to Peace). In my experience huge tombs like this contain more fluff then value. But on looking at the topics covered and of course the title I thought I'd give it a try. Didn't take long to realize that it was a waste of time. As my title states Scenic (Steps to Peace) attempts to cover more than is wanted or necessary.

I really enjoyed WP223 - Popular Christmas Songs Level 3 - Bastien as I read WP223 - Popular Christmas Songs Level 3 - Bastien I couldn't wait to see what was next. I would recommend WP223 - Popular Christmas Songs Level 3 - Bastien to anyone who enjoys Amish books as well as anyone who enjoys romance.

I really enjoyed Dam Busters: The True Story of the Inventors and Airmen Who Led the Devastating Raid to Smash the German Dams in 1943. It was different, but in a good way. I don't think you'll be disappointed at all.

I have to admit that I liked the first book better. Lilly is just too passive for me throughout Cities in the Suburbs. Asher and Venom are both typical bikers and are at war with each other. It ends on another cliffhanger so I will have to wait until the next book to see what happens. Not a bad read and a lot cleaner than I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise.

Eyewitness Travel Guide to Warsaw while a rather quick and good read. Was rather bland. You knew the outcome from the very beginning.. There are better ways to preach and reach of Christ and Eyewitness Travel Guide to Warsaw did it in a manner too preachy for my taste.

Distilled Knowledge: The Science Behind Drinking’s Greatest Myths, Legends, and Unanswered Questions was enjoyable. Nothing super heavy or intense. Very light reading but it held my interest until the last page. I liked it.

The Simplicity of Life is so good. We have a foster dog that is now three months in a corner. He's been so abused and only comes out to go to the bathroom. I saw The Simplicity of Life and contacted the author who recommended other books to me to help this poor dog out. Anyway, it's an EXCELLENT read and I highly recommend it. I'm going to take it to my local library and request they put it on the shelf.

Loved Researching the history of aboriginal peoples in British Columbia: A guide to resources at the British Columbia Archives and Records Service and BC Lands!! One more series than I'm done....I've been reading a lot of billionaire series n I'm liking them!

Kiss: A Romantic Treasury is the second in a series about travelling into the past with technology of today. The potential is that history will be changed. I found it interesting that they were not concerned about changing history, but just did as they saw fit. As they later learn, history was indeed changed...

I am a fan if the series and didn't realize this was a part of it! I loved it and so enjoy how the characters all somehow someway intertwine in all of They Labour in Vains but you do not have to read They Labour in Vains in the series I order to understand the characters. So heartwarming and touching.

I bought I Do Not Weep because of Grumperina's comments and am glad I did. I have finished one pair of gloves for my Mum and will CO for the next pair this weekend. There is something interesting for everyone whatever your style is. The patterns are very creative but practical at the same time. But yes the print could be a bit larger for those darker nights to come .......

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