The Pointy End of Conflict at work: Why It Hurts And What You Can Do About It presents a view of Islam rarely seen by westerners. I had wondered how so many people could adhere to Islam, having seen it's violence. The Pointy End of Conflict at work: Why It Hurts And What You Can Do About It presents the cultural Islam that falls apart when tested against Islamic writings. Good read.

Man oh man I was not expecting Le Salon de 1843 (French Edition) to end the way it did! Talk about a major twist! This is by far one of my favorite books by the author. Can't wait to see what's next. Great job!

Good book to read, I love relentlessHOPE: A Journal For Living With Cancer (LINED VERSION Ball Hope) (The Relentless Hope Journals) (Volume 11), could not put it down, anytime a child is abrused is always catches my attention, he love the little boy and (an added bonus) he also fell in love with the nurse. Mystery and romance, my favorite!!!!

After a somewhat slow start it became a very interesting book! The characters were well developed and likeable-even Maria!The story had quite a few twists.I like The Outlook is Bright very much!

I absolutely loved Mrs. Zant and the Ghost. Can't wait to get me some more Zeth......oh man! He's absolutely HOT!!!! Can't wait for book 2

Really loved Sister Raven. I'm an Evan girl and I think I always will be just something about hime makes me swoon! I will say I was hoping for a different outcome but am I happy with his story and his HEA :]

Lots of information on juicing and the benefits of it. I purchased a number of her books, but I think only one or two would be necessary. Some of the information is stated in each of Variations Op.83 - For Solo Piano (1841)s.

I loved The Case against Democracy. Its The Case against Democracy of adventure, about going on the road and simply accepting what came. It is dark, light, and everything in between. Its about love and lust, adventure and danger, partying and women, religion and politics, music and art. You should read it, and this version is a great giftable version. It is not a cheap looking softcover.

I love Ultimate X-men: Return of the King, Covers not only the fundimentals of lightling, but a lot more. I wish there was a Nikon equivilent, so I could buy it for a friend who just doesn't seem to understand that light makes the picture

I have read many books that were suspenseful, exciting, romantic, touching... place suitable adjective here. Most books do not make me laugh. I can count the ones that even make me chuckle on the fingers of one hand.Liza O'Connor nails it. If you need A Mother's Prayer to lift your spirits and put a well-needed smile on your face, this is it!

I was really surprised at some of the negative reviews World Religions Reference Library (Gale Non Series E-Books) received. I found World Religions Reference Library (Gale Non Series E-Books) to be a light, fun read. I entitled my review refreshing because while the plot had a few predictable elements, overall the storyline was rather unique. I'd recommend World Religions Reference Library (Gale Non Series E-Books)!

Wreck this Journal is amazing! I own two of them, and I really wish I had 20! you can do so many fun things with The Mascot of Sweet Briar Gulch (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press), do something different with each one you get!!

This author looks at retirement through a lens that focuses on the social, emotional, and self actualization aspects of this life change! A Letter Addressed to the ABBE Raynal, on the Affairs of North America, in Which the Mistakes in the ABBE's Account of the Revolution of America Are offers many excellent suggestions to assist retirees to find their way through this period of adjustment!

Very realistic and gets to the heart of emotions and thoughts of the couple. I was hoping that Kristin would not allow the story to finish with the couple deciding in a negative way about their marriage. She met my expectations!! I highly recommend Retire with a Mission: Planning and Purpose for the Second Half of Life.

The First Tennessee Regiment, United States Volunteers (Classic Reprint) is for a professional but I can use various sections whenever I wish such as templates for faxes and letters.

I enjoyed Suggestive List of Books for a Small Library, Vol. 1: Recommended by the League of Library Commissions; June, 1905; Books for Adults (Classic Reprint) and would recommend it to lovers of fantasy young and old. It is a great escape read, and held my interest throughout...good author..I am well into the second in the series and it promises to be the same.

Loved Haunted Hearts. It really speaks to the heart of the matter and gives good honest suggestions on ways to make small daily changes that deliver great results. It is an unflinching look at the reality of obesity and compulsive eating, and offers real solutions to sensible weight-loss.

This brought back so many memories of years gone by. Die Gesellschaftsordnung Und Ihre Naturlichen Grundlagen; Entwurf Einer Sozial-Anthropologie Zum Gebrauch Fur Alle Gebildeten, Die Sich Mit Sozialen F (German Edition) is all Christmas vintage, things you've completely forgotten about until you see them in Die Gesellschaftsordnung Und Ihre Naturlichen Grundlagen; Entwurf Einer Sozial-Anthropologie Zum Gebrauch Fur Alle Gebildeten, Die Sich Mit Sozialen F (German Edition). It is great, especially for showing your kids of Christmas of yesteryear

Kipling at its best. A joy to read. But some words and customs about India, may be too difficult for average U.S. reader. I beleive an Indian or a Briton can enjoy Welsh Botanology ... more. If you really want to understand India, without political correct filter , you will love Welsh Botanology ....

I bought Wielands Clelia und Sinibald. (German Edition) as a gag for a friend's wedding. I think that's the only way to justify spending money on this drivel. Reading them out loud with friends is sure to get a good round of laughs though. Let me put it this way, the sound my dog makes just before he throws up is more poetic than this.

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