Very suspenseful keeping the reader going at all time's. The characters were very real and you felt like you were right there with them especially if you had been in the military an n during that time frame. This would be a good book for anyone to read but especially military.

Good book very dramatic. Always was intrigued to read more. However was way to many problems all at once for me.

This has got to be one of the best books I've read. I love the dynamic between Sara and Nicklas. I can't wait to read more about these characters!

I love books about the civil era,even thou some are not true stories.This was a very good book,about life being sweet and contend.Then everything goes sour to two girls,one black and one white.Amazing story line,I,m sure something like this really did happen during the Civil war.

I loved it a lot. It got me being very emotional it was entertaining beautiful and just left me in awe. I recommend this to everybody it is a very good book. And plus the message it's trying to convey to us is even more beautiful too.

Not my favorite book. To many unnecessary facts that made the reading get bogged down. Hope the next one will read smoother.

This so-called classic was mostly boring but I stuck it out to the end. Are there any good books written by two people? Never read one.

Great book of quality pictures at a very discounted price. Nice table top book, with a classy cover to look at.

it a great book if you are into BDSM and since I just started reading them after I bought one for friend who in that type thing and read one of books I bought her as gift. I started trying to understand why some get in to this type thing.I am not a sub type person myself so could not understand these ladies but they great reading to learn more about why they need this type of dom person.

This is a beautiful book about the loss of this boat and the toll it took on their families, friends, and loved ones. THE authors do an excellent job relating what they believe the facts show and then giving the reasons why they believe as they do. Thanks for sharing your research. My heart broke for the loved ones who suffered for so long and were left wondering how and why. BZ. RMS

This is an easy read. Not bad but I would not rate more that 2 stars. A good book to kill time with.

Great book, give it a try. I can hardly wait now for the next in the series. This is an author to follow.

Sadly this was the best book of the series and the last. Unlike the previous book, this one contained drama and action. Whereas this series is at the bottom of my favorite reads, I am going to have a go with the author s series on witches.

Precalculus Enhanced with Graphing Utilities, 5e Student Solutions Manual 2009 was pretty cute! i liked the idea for the plot, not something i'd read before. this was well worth my money and a fantastic read!

Dead Boys is definitely the high point of the Lost series so far.Worth reading.

I enjoyed reading Worship Evangelism. It was simple and an easy read. I would have liked it better had it more substance.

I really liked Federal Taxation, 1993 (Irwin Taxation Series). I look forward to reading more books in this series. Great for a quick weekend reading.

Bible for Children: The Good News is Given to Us No. 7 is a must have. You will not be disappointed. The author's review is very accurate. If you were not a fan before you will be now.

This series is a reader's ride. My emotions were so involved in SBA MCQs for the MRCS Part A (Oxford Specialty Training) I could not function until I finished all in a half day. This is a good read and excellent series.

A first I didn't think I was going to like Equipe Nouvelle: Part 1: Copymasters, but I found myself getting into the story. Now I can't wait to start the next book.

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